Instruments for the HORECA sector

In professional and commercial catering, dishwashing is a delicate and extremely important operation for a high-quality service. A safe and reliable washing area is essential to guarantee customers hygiene and an excellent service in the kitchen. Our customers’ satisfaction depends - to a large extent - on the smooth functioning of their washing systems and machinery. Their efficiency, guaranteed by a top-level technology, remains constant over time only thanks to their correct use and to the high quality of the detergent products. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, so as to guarantee the best performance of the detergents and the machinery. The use of automatic dosing systems improves results, safety conditions at work and cuts waste. Injecta supplies a wide range of machinery, including simplest systems which require the operator intervention, or most sophisticated and fully automatic plants.

All the Injecta products for HO.RE.CA.  are listed below.