Products for aquariums purification

Conductivity and pH are the most important factors affecting the life of an aquarium.
Conductivity represents the ability of a substance to conduct electricity so, when a fish is moved from one aquarium to another having different values ​​of conductivity, it tries to counter this variation by absorbing or expelling water from its cells. If the difference between the conductivity values ​​of the two aquariums is noticeable, the fish risks to die. PH is a value that measures the basicity or acidity of water. Acidity values ​​range from 0 to 7, while basicity values are comprised between 7 and 14. The 7 value represents neutral water. The correct value depends on the fish we raise: in freshwater aquariums pH must be close to 7 – better if weakly acid (6.8 - 7), while in a marine aquarium pH values must be absolutely basic, comprised ​​between 8.2 and 8.5.

All the Injecta products for aquariums purification are listed below.